Connecting Collections Conference 2015

Event Over

Break-out sessions

These break-out sessions took place straight after lunch from 2pm- 2.30pm. They were a mix of practical and theoretical sessions, opportunities to drill into a topic in a smaller group or to have a go at a piece of tech delegates might not have had a chance to see before.

1. The Quest for Longitude – augmented reality in action

Students from John Roan School showcased the ‘blippable’ posters they produced as part of the Quest for Longitude project. Using the National Maritime Museum’s major exhibition, Ships, Clocks & Stars as a launch pad for creative thinking, the students worked with teachers and students at Ravensbourne and the team at Blippar to explore the potential of augmented reality.

2. VanGoYourself

Jane Finnis unpacked the thinking behind this fun, mobile-first website ( that takes a playful approach to engaging people with art. Delegates found out about the challenges involved in creating the site and the range of creative responses it’s generated. They heard about ways to involve their museum with the project, online and offline. There was some rather nice Van-go-ing going on too.

3. Creating museum storytellers with Scribeasy and Show Me

Scribeasy is a tested methodology which uses creativity to bring out both the writer and the artist in children. Their soon-to-be-launched app for KS1 & 2 children provokes and inspires narratives using curated digital imagery within a workflow. Ideas and words are kickstarted and broadened. Scribeasy ( and Culture24’s Show Me ( have partnered up, bringing selected museum collection images and bite-sized facts directly into a child’s world as a stimulus for a variety of storytelling opportunities. Delegates got to see the app, have a play and found out how to submit collection items to the project with Amanda Duncan and Madeleine McDonald.

4. Embrace the hype. Learn by doing with virtual reality

Makemedia’s Jim Byford and Sam Watts invited delegates to try out immersive virtual reality experiences using the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard headsets.

5. Let’s Get Real about CYP: find out about the new cultural learning strand of Culture24’s collaborative action research programme

Sejul Malde gave an overview of the thinking behind the Let’s Get Real action research methodology, when cultural orgs collaborate over several months to research different aspects of online engagement.  This was a chance to find out about & sign up to a brand new phase of research focussing on children and young people as audiences for our digital content, beginning in Autumn ‘15.